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  • Oroma Tomato

    Is it blossom end rot resistant?
    Asked by Tomatoquest

    Yes, it is resistant to BLE, blossom end rot. I had BLE on San Marzano this year, but Oroma was free of it.

    Posted by Smokin' Toes

  • Hog Brains Cowpea

    Are hog brains cowpeas pole or bush type?
    Asked by Creekbird

    I have hog brain peas growing right now. They have rambling vines about 6 or 7 feet long the pea pods sit up a bit off the ground making them easy to see and pick. When the vines reach anything upright they will quickly climb it. They are a beautiful and tasty pea.
    Posted by Papa steve

  • Tomato Biltmore Hybrid

    How does this hybrid handle the high heat and humidity of the Florida panhandle. Buddy
    Asked by Buddy

    I live in CentraL FL and it has grown well inside a open screened cage attached to my house. It is very good with disease resistance so far but I don't know about bug issues because it is protected from most bugs. The biggest problem I have had is the tendency to get big cracks due to the heavy rains in June. The tomatoes are delicious with a little salt but the plant doesn't set a lot of fruit and it takes awhile to ripen - I had lots of Celebritys much quicker. Note: I planted these in a 10 inch raised bed on concrete.
    Posted by Rose J

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