• Alyssum m. p. 'Aphrodite Improved Mixed'

    Alyssum m. p. 'Aphrodite Improved Mixed'

    A formula blend of pastel and vibrant colors as well as the usual colors. Flowers all summer with a neat, spreading habit. 3-4in. Excellent for edging, bedding and containers. Fl. Summer.

  • Alyssum m. p. 'Snow Crystals'

    Alyssum m. p. 'Snow Crystals'

    Large, clean white flowers. 3-4in. Excellent for edging, bedding and containers. Fl. Summer.

  • Alyssum maritima procumbens 'Allure Pastel Mixed'

    Alyssum maritima procumbens 'Allure Pastel Mixed'

    A compact, early-flowering mixture of 7 pastel shades: white, lemon yellow, bronze, pink, rose, lavender and purple. Sweetly fragrant bushy plants offer outstanding garden performance in rockeries, containers and as border edging. Reliable and easy to grow in a sunny position in any garden soil. : Excellent edging/bedding and container plants.Fl. Summer. Germination: 7-30 days, 65-85F. Well-drained soil. 3-4in.

  • Alyssum-Wonderland Mulberry Mix

    Alyssum-Wonderland Mulberry Mix

    Lobularia maritima A favorite for low borders, this vibrant mix of white, lavender, violet and purples adds season-long color. Easy to grow, uniform and extremely tidy, Wonderland Mulberry Mix produces dense masses of minute flowers that mingle into a vivid blanket held only 3 inches off the ground. Germination code: (4)

  • Sweet Alyssum Pastel Carpet

    Sweet Alyssum Pastel Carpet

    Like a banner to welcome spring, this carpet of soft pastel shades hugs the ground with gentle color and a vigorous spreading habit! Pastel Carpet is the most floriferous, vigorous, and colorful Sweet Alyssum yet, with soft shades of rose, pink, violet, blue, white, and creamy-yellow all over low-growing, 3-inch-tall plants!The flowers begin just 8 to 10 weeks from early-spring sowing, and don't let up until frost. The plants spread up to a foot wide, every inch covered in gentle color. A mass planting of Pastel Carpet is an arresting sight, and even the humblest basket or border looks like…

  • Sweet Alyssum Snow Crystals

    Sweet Alyssum Snow Crystals

    With a sweet scent that wakens the arrival of spring to the sunny garden, Snow Crystals is a dazzling pure-white Alyssum you will love. Performing even more reliably in the garden than other Alyssums, this neatly-mounded plant grows just 4 inches tall but spreads 8 to 10 inches wide, every inch occupied by tiny white blooms or small fresh green foliage. Perfect as edging or ground cover. Snow Crystals is also superb in the bed or planter, offering easy-care color and fragrance all season long. For even more blooms, keep the plant trimmed back and remove spent flowers. Vigorous and…

  • White Sweet Alyssum

    White Sweet Alyssum

    (50-60 days)  Pure white, honey scented blossoms attract syrphid flies and many other beneficials throughout the summer and fall.  A garden favorite that thrives in both cool and hot weather.  Ideal ground cover and edging.