• Bells of Ireland

    Bells of Ireland

    Long stems covered with bright apple-green, bell-shaped, 2" calyxes centered with tiny, white blooms. Excellent in dried arrangements too. Ht. 24-48". Avg. 3,500 seeds/oz. Packet: 100 seeds.

    (Moluccella laevis) Hardy annual. Tiny white flowers in large green bell-shaped calyxes. Great as a cut flower, fresh or dried. This old-time plant has been cultivated since 1570. Very easy to grow. Contains 125 heirloom seeds

    Ring out the news--now there's a green "flower" for the partly-shaded garden! Actually, the masses of wide-open, pealing "bells" on these cheery 2- to 3-foot stalks are not flowers but calyces, and their pure white "tongues" are corollas, but the effect is stunning nonetheless! The bells arise so densely up and down the stems of these well-branched plants that they hide the foliage, and they remain fresh for many weeks in late spring and early summer. Also a fine subject for dried arrangements, where their unusual form can be enjoyed permanently!To cut Bells of Ireland for drying, simply cut the…

    Moluccella laevis Apple-green bell-like flowers appear from base to top in whorls of six. Fresh or dried, it makes a striking addition to fresh cut flower arrangements. It is single stemmed or branched, reaching 25-30 inches tall. Peak bloom is mid-August. Direct seed early spring. Germination code: (2) or (6)

    (95-105 days) An old fashioned favorite htat adds striking contrast in the garden and is captivating either cut or dried.  Prefers cooler climates.