• Carnation Clove Drops

    Carnation Clove Drops

    This delectable new Carnation is a treat for the senses, cascading up to 2 1/2 feet from baskets, windowboxes, and other containers! The huge, fully double 3-inch blooms have a rich, evocative clove scent that may remind you of old-fashioned hard candy (or Thanksgiving baking!).Very long-lived, these blooms arise all over the trailing plant, offering great color contrast with the small, dusty silver-green foliage. A splendid sight in full sun to part shade,Clove Drops erupts into blooms of red, bright rose, pink, burgundy, salmon, yellow, and white!Frost-tolerant and carefree, this half-hardy perennial (grown as an annual) will bloom long into…

  • Carnation Lemon Fizz

    Carnation Lemon Fizz

    For those of us who love yellow flowers, Carnations are often a bit disappointing, which is why this exciting introduction is especially welcome. Absolutely brimming with long, sturdy stems, this plant blooms over a long spring season, accompanying the creamy yellow flowers with a divine clove-like fragrance!Lemon Fizz is vigorous and eager to bloom, with fully double 3-inch blooms and slender, needle-like foliage of deep green. The flowers last and last after cutting, their pastel tones just perfect for all your spring or fall occasions, from Easter to a new baby to graduation and even weddings! Go ahead, snip a…

  • Carnations c. 'Stripes & Picotees'

    Carnations c. 'Stripes & Picotees'

    A bright mixture, all delightfully striped and picoteed. Z7-10. 18in.

  • Carnations caryophyllus 'Giant Chabaud Mixed'

    Carnations caryophyllus 'Giant Chabaud Mixed'

    Double, scented, fringed flowers. Z6-9. 24in.

  • Chabaud La France Carnation

    Chabaud La France Carnation

    (Dianthus caryophyllus) True florist’s strain for cut-flower use. Frilly, fully double blooms, in a chaste shell pink, are held aloft on sturdy, wiry stems. Light clove fragrance completes the picture of floral perfection. Contains 100 heirloom seeds

  • Chabaud Picotee Fantasy Mix - Carnation

    Chabaud Picotee Fantasy Mix - Carnation

    New! (Dianthus caryophyllus) A wide mix of carnation colors—cardinal red, pinks, violets, crimson, salmon, whites and yellows—all “fantastically” striped or edged in brilliant contrasting tones. Large, fully double, sweetly scented blooms make great cut flowers. Reaches about 2 feet in height. Contains 100 seeds heirloom seeds

  • Desmond Carnation

    Desmond Carnation

    This scarlet beauty carries a bounty of blooms atop 15-20" stems, blooming for months from late spring into early fall. It is a real prize in the garden as well as in longlasting, delicately scented bouquets. 12-18" spread. Ships in a 3" pot. Zones 4-9 Dianthus ‘Desmond’

  • Grenadin King of the Blacks - Carnation

    Grenadin King of the Blacks - Carnation

    New! (Dianthus caryophyllus) Rich, dark burgundy- red, double flowers are lavishly produced, contrasting smartly with blue-green, mounded foliage. Border-type carnation that nevertheless makes a wonderful cut flower. Lightly fragrant blooms reach 15-20 inches tall atop wiry stems; the clove-like scent comes as a bonus. A real show-stopper! Contains 100 seeds heirloom seeds

  • Rainbow Carnation Mix

    Rainbow Carnation Mix

    These old-fashioned favorites come in a beautiful array of red, pink, yellow, bicolor or white. Fragrant flowers bloom from mid spring to late summer. Perfect at the front of the border or grouped in clusters. Narrow needle-like gray-green foliage. Grows 15-20" tall. Prefers full sun. Ships in 3" pots. Dianthus If our spring shipping season is closed, your order will be shipped the following spring. Height: 15-20" Zones: 3-9 Bloom Time: Mid Spring to Late Summer Light: Full Sun

  • Raspberry Surprise Dianthus Carnation Plant

    Raspberry Surprise Dianthus Carnation Plant

    Plant Patent #16,029. Cultivar name: 'Devon Yolande.'So floriferous is this exciting new Dianthus that during the height of its bloomtime, you may not be able to see the foliage at all! Masses upon masses of double-flowered 2-inch blooms cover this low-growing plant, giving you plenty for cutflowers and the garden alike. Super-easy to grow and even tolerant of drought conditions, 'Raspberry Surprise' should be your top choice for containers and the sunny garden.The flowers are merrily fringed, double to semi-double, and 2 inches wide -- pretty big by Dianthus standards! And while most Dianthus offer just one bloom per stem,…

  • Spangled Star Dianthus Carnation Plant

    Spangled Star Dianthus Carnation Plant

    Plant Patent 13,029As colorfully marked as one of the butterflies they attract, these delightful blooms are the centerpiece of the sunny early to midsummer garden! Spangled Star is a charming new Dianthus offering fragrance, bright color, long bloom season, and the best drought tolerance I've ever encountered in a Garden Pink!The 1?-inch flowers really stand out, with 5 rounded petals held just overlapping, like the blades of a fan, on blooms that look straight up among needle-like leaves. The edge of every petal is delicately pinked and edged in appleblossom-pink, matching the center and the two "pawprints" on every petal.…

  • Starlight Carnation

    Starlight Carnation