• Chatterbox Heuchera - 10 root divisions

    Chatterbox Heuchera - 10 root divisions

    Large, lush leaves are deep green with lighter green veins and mottling. Edges are loosely ruffled. In early summer, sprays of small bright red flowers add an excellent touch of color contrast. Wonderful as a low-growing, spreading ground cover that adds lushness and interest to the landscape. Great for combining with pewter and burgundy hued varieties for added color variety. Very low-maintenance. Grows easily in sun or shade.

  • Coral Cloud Heuchera - 10 root divisions

    Coral Cloud Heuchera - 10 root divisions

    Heuchera is grown for its foliage more than its flowers. Coral Cloud is evergreen with scalloped-edged, glossy, dark green leaves forming a very attractive plant. In early midsummer, it is topped by sprays of bell-shaped blooms in shades of red. Grows easily in shade or sun and is an excellent groundcover or filler to soften the landscape and add lushness. We ship #1 grade root divisions that will grow quickly into full plants in the shortest time. Order Coral Cloud for your garden today!