• Mixed Ixia - 25 bulbs

    Mixed Ixia - 25 bulbs

    Unbeatable for bright color! These hybrids bloom from March through June, opening sprays of elegant flowers on straw-like stems in gleaming shades of white, yellow, orange, pink, and red. Plants grow best in full sun and reach a height of 16”. Plant them in beds, borders, or in pots. Enjoy them in the garden and as cut flowers.

  • SOLD OUT Blue Bird Ixia - 25 bulbs

    SOLD OUT Blue Bird Ixia - 25 bulbs

    Ixia Bluebird blooms from late spring into early summer, gracing the garden with star-shaped white flowers shaded with violet purple. Flowers top 12- to 18-inch stems over dark green sword-like foliage. Plant in borders, mixed beds, or grow in containers. The plants like sunny to partially shady locations and rich, well-drained soil. Excellent for cutting and long-lasting in the vase.