• Cat Grass Avena sativa

    Cat Grass Avena sativa

    Sometimes our feline pets require grass as an addition to their diet and digestion. Sown like indoor cress and growing almost as quickly, this will provide the greens they need. Germination: 14-30 days, 65-85F. Well-drained soil. 2-4in.

  • Variegated Cat Grass

    Variegated Cat Grass

    Barley (Hordeum Vulgare). Cats love a number of different grasses when they're in the mood for such things, but our barley is variegated in green and white stripes so it's a treat for the eye as well! A dish of grass for your feline companion can save a lot of wear and tear on your houseplants, and is much healthier for your cat as well.

    Hordeum vulgare Variegation is all the rage in the garden, and now the most fashion-conscious cats can satisfy their craving for grasses and their discerning eye with this one variety. Speedy from seed and simple to grow, it's excellent for a sunny windowsill or garden beds where your kitty roams. Even if you don't have a feline to pamper, it's a gorgeous ornamental and eager to fill in as a great, contrasting accent plant in containers or beds. When left untouched, plants can reach 2-3 feet. Germination code: (1)