• All-Perennial Mix Wildflowers

    All-Perennial Mix Wildflowers

    20 hardy varieties. A mix of colors, textures and fragrance! 1/2 oz. covers 125sq. ft. $6.99 $3.99 $3.99

  • Bird and Butterfly Mix Wildflowers

    Bird and Butterfly Mix Wildflowers

    Fragrant and colorful blend will attract beautiful birds and butterflies to your yard. 1/2 oz. covers 60 sq. ft. $2.99

  • Bird's Eyes  - Wildflower

    Bird's Eyes - Wildflower

    Hardy annual. Often self-sows. (Gila tricolor) Attractive tricolored flowers, white with edges blushed in lilac--centers are purplish black! Very unique looking annual that likes a dry, sunny area. Contains 100-300 heirloom seeds

  • Black-eyed Susan  - Wildflower

    Black-eyed Susan - Wildflower

    Hardy annual. Often self-sows. (Rudbeckia hirta)A popular native variety from the Great Plains of North America. Large yellow daisies with dark brown centers. Good in heat and drought. Beautiful. Contains 100-300 heirloom seeds

  • Catnip


    SECTION: Herbs, Catnip, Nepeta cataria Also known as catswort and catmint. Aromatic perennial mint, more drought-tolerant than other mints. Grows to 3', with downy, pale green foliage and 4” flower spikes. Leaves make a pleasant tea with calming, and antispasmodic effects. Cats often love plants to pieces. One packet will plant 75+ sq ft when using 15" spacing in the bed. (Select Cultural Info/Seed Codes in red top bar for more details about codes below) EA CULTURE: P Zones3-9/Spacing 15" SEEDS PER PACKET: 125 SOURCE CODE: GB APPROX GERM DAYS: 7-10 WHEN TO PLANT: Early spring PACKET LABEL INSTRUCTIONS: Does…

    (Nepeta cataria) The herb that drives cats wild is also medicinal; used in a tasty herbal tea for colds and flu. Vigorous plant. Contains 200 heirloom seeds

    Nepeta cataria This is a long-lived perennial herb used in gardens and landscapes. The long green and white flower spikes are great in fresh and dried arrangements. The leaves are used in salads, sauces, teas, and soups, and also have medicinal properties; just ask your cat! Matures to 4 feet. Hardy in zones 3-9. Germination code: (1) Also available as a plant.

    Euphoric treat for cats and a mild sedative for humans. Use it fresh or dried.  Lightly rub seeds between extra fine sandpaper before sowing for best germination.  USDA Zones 3-9

  • Catnip (OG)

    Catnip (OG)

    Cat-attracting perennial with gray-green leaves and white flowers. Markets for catnip include cat toy crafters, herbal tea companies, and retail plant sales. Medicinal: Leaves and flowering tops are used as a gentle antispasmodic and very mild sedative. 75-85 days to harvest when started indoors. Organically grown. Avg. 44,000 seeds/oz. Packet: 200 seeds.