• Chervil


    SECTION: Herbs, Chervil, Anthriscus cerefolium Annual. Major kitchen herb in Europe, one of the fines herbes. Popular in salad and mesclun mixes. Mild, fresh taste outstanding in salad, eggs, main dishes. Likes cool weather--makes a good companion to lettuce and cabbage, and appreciates their shade as the season goes on. Just press seed onto soil and keep moist--needs light to germinate. One packet will plant 35 sq ft when using 4" spacing in the bed. (Select Cultural Info/Seed Codes in red top bar for more details about codes below) EA CULTURE: A/Spacing 4" SEEDS PER PACKET: 300 SOURCE CODE: E…

    (Anthriscus cerefolium) Traditionally used in French cooking, where the slightly anise-like flavor of the leaves is appreciated when added to eggs, vegetable and fish dishes. Leaves are added at the very last minute of cooking, to preserve the delicate flavor. Small white flowers atop 15-20 inch stems. Also known as French parsley. Contains 400 heirloom seeds

  • Vertissimo


    Excellent performance in our trials. Slow-bolting, vigorous plants. Mild, sweet anise flavor. Popular for salads, micro greens, and garnishing. For spring or fall plantings. Avg. 12,800 seeds/oz. Packet: 200 seeds.