• Gloriosa Daisy Autumn Colors

    Gloriosa Daisy Autumn Colors

    If these gigantic blooms were facing forward instead of held straight up, you'd think they were Sunflowers, so massive are they! It's not enough to say that Autumn Colors has the largest blooms ever grown on a Gloriosa Daisy -- these flowers are more than DOUBLE the size of traditional varieties, ranging from 5 to a full 7 inches across! And as if that weren't exciting enough, each bloom is uniquely ringed and petalled, giving you a varied bouquet from even a small planting! (But why would you ever want a small planting of this showstopper? Break out the tiller…

  • Gloriosa Daisy Prairie Sun

    Gloriosa Daisy Prairie Sun

    Such lighthearted, sunny blooms -- and so HUGE, reliably patterned, and long-lasting! Prairie Sun is a splendid Gloriosa Daisy, with all the vigor and bloom strength you'd expect in an American native, PLUS giant blooms of brilliant yellow with a green eye and luscious primrose tips! No wonder it won a 2003 All-America Selection award!Prairie Sun's eye-popping blooms measure a full 5 inches across, and unlike those of many Gloriosa Daisies, boast a very stable color pattern, giving the plant a more formal look. Prairie Sun reaches 3 feet tall and is simply loaded down with flowers over a long…

  • Gloriosa Polyheaded Sunflower

    Gloriosa Polyheaded Sunflower

    6-10' (80-90 days) Polyheaded plants display a column of spectacular, single petaled, gold sunflowers with a maroon ring around the dark centers resembling the Gloriosa Daisy.