• Aureus Yellow Lupine  - Wildflower

    Aureus Yellow Lupine - Wildflower

    Perennial. Soak seeds 24 hours before planting A stunning, yellow Lupine; 30-inch stalks are covered with brilliant flowers. Contains 100-300 heirloom seeds

  • Lupine Sunrise

    Lupine Sunrise

    Marvelously fragrant and boasting three vivid colors on every bloomspike, Sunrise is a joy in the garden or vase! Beginning in summer and continuing into fall, these stately plants--3 feet tall and 2 1/2 feet wide--sport densely-packed, beautiful blooms with a heavenly scent that permeates the garden--fruity with a hint of fresh citrus!These long-lasting spikes of white, gold, and clear sky-blue are quite long-lasting, opening from the bottom up to extend the bloomtime. A magnificent cut flower, they are delightful in the garden near walkways or doors, where passersby can appreciate their invigorating, clean scent. And they really bring in…

  • Lupine Tutti Frutti™

    Lupine Tutti Frutti™

    If you are a Lupine lover (and which of us isn't?), you must try this improved mix grown especially for bigger, more beautiful blooms! You'll get enormous flowerspikes jammed with rich colors in stunning combinations, just begging to be cut for the vase. Usually this kind of flower quality is available only from expensive cutting-raised plants, but Tutti Frutti™ gives you top performance from economical, easy to grow, self-sowing seed!Tutti Frutti is a luscious confection of color combos, including midnight purple and magenta, persimmon and gold, butter and cream, pink and primrose, two-tone pink, purple with coral -- the permutations…

  • Russell Mix Lupine  - Wildflower

    Russell Mix Lupine - Wildflower

    Hardy perennial. Best in cooler climates. Soak seeds 24 hours before planting. (Lupinus polyphyllus) Tall stems are covered with beautiful flowers in colors of pink, red, peach, blue, burgundy, and brown. This fine flower will naturalize. Soak seed. Contains 100-300 heirloom seeds