• Penstemon barbatus 'Iron Maiden'

    Penstemon barbatus 'Iron Maiden'

    Slender spikes with pendulous, tubular flowers in vermilion and lanceolate blue-green foliage. Superb for cutting. Z4-9. 3-4ft. Germination: 30-180 days, 50-70F. Well-drained soil.

  • Penstemon Esprit Mix

    Penstemon Esprit Mix

    One of the largest-flowered and most colorful Penstemons yet, Esprit Mix offers a range of pink-, red-, and purple-toned blooms with crisp white eyes. Blooming the first year from seed if started early, it can be raised as an annual everywhere it isn't hardy, and is quite drought-tolerant once established in the garden.Esprit Mix offers 2-inch tubular blooms crowded along tall, very long-lasting stems. In flower the plant reaches 24 to 30 inches high in the sunny garden, a magnet for butterflies and bees. Native to the Great Plains, this happy-go-lucky perennial loves dry soil and doesn't mind poor fertility,…

  • Penstemon mexicali 'Miniature Bells'

    Penstemon mexicali 'Miniature Bells'

    Stunning, miniature bells in pink, purple and rose shades, complemented by dwarf attractive blue-green foliage. Flowering over a long period in borders or containers. Z3-9. 12-18in. Germination: 30-180 days, 50-70F. Well-drained soil.

  • Penstemon-Tubular Bells Mixed

    Penstemon-Tubular Bells Mixed

    Penstemon hartweaii These vivacious perennials are bold, colorful, easy to care for and forgiving. Blooming in an array of astounding shades of pinks, reds, and corals, many with contrasting throats, the trumpet shaped flowers perch on spires above strong, 11-14 inch tall plants. Sensational in mass plantings, cutting gardens and large containers, these plants are heat and drought tolerant, low maintenance, and undeniably tempting to hummingbirds. Hardy in zones 7-10. Germination code: (1)

  • Pretty Petticoat Penstemon Plant

    Pretty Petticoat Penstemon Plant

    If you want to draw in butterflies and hummingbirds by the dozen, grace your garden with this show-stopping Penstemon! The plant forms a bushy, upright mound that bears spikes of rich purple blooms with contrasting white throats. Simply gorgeous in pots and tubs, it's also wonderful planted directly into your sunny beds and borders. No summer garden should be without 'Pretty Petticoat'!

  • Ruby Candle Penstemon Beardtongue Plant

    Ruby Candle Penstemon Beardtongue Plant

    Attract hummingbirds and butterflies by the dozen with Ruby Candle! The tubular magenta blooms appear abundantly all summer, particularly late in the season. They offer a blaze of rich color just when the garden needs it most -- and they are so easy to grow.This Penstemon is so easy to grow, tolerating drought and dry soil beautifully once established. The foliage is light green and very slender, while the flowerstems are darker and quite sturdy. Expect the blooms to continue for 8 weeks!Ruby Candle reaches 20 to 24 inches tall and about 18 inches wide, with a neat circular habit.…