• Rosetta Verbascum Mullein Plant

    Rosetta Verbascum Mullein Plant

    Can it be the easiest Verbascum yet?! Rosetta is a magnificent bloomer, with carmine-pink flowers and lush dark green foliage right down to the ground. More tolerant of shade than most others, it flowers heavily in early season, and if cut back promptly as the blooms fade, repeats all summer long!These saucer-shaped blooms arise in bright candelabra above rosettes of crinkly foliage -- very showy, and don't the butterflies and hummingbirds know it! Like all Verbascum, Rosetta loves sun, and once established is quite tolerant of drought, neglect, and other unavoidable conditions! Deer and even snails tend to give it…

  • Verbascum 'Temptress Purple'

    Verbascum 'Temptress Purple'

    Such a pleasure, and so easy to grow! This super-compact Verbascum is great for containers as well as the garden, its brilliant grape-soda purple blooms visible from far away. Prepared to bloom heavily all summer and even to self-sow, it is a charming plant any gardener will appreciate.Growing about 2 feet tall but only half as wide, this is a great mullein for containers and small-space gardens. Who has the room for those big rangy varieties, or the time to stake them before their heavy blooms make them topple?! 'Temptress Purple' is short on foliage and long on color-drenched flowers,…

  • Verbascum hybrida 'Copper Rose' F1 Hybrid

    Verbascum hybrida 'Copper Rose' F1 Hybrid

    Bushy plants with soft silver stems are smothered in a mass of gorgeous silky blooms in attractive shades from apricot to copper and rose. A vigorous sterile hybrid that just keeps on flowering and flowering, creating a spectacular border display. Z5-9. 4-5ft. Germination: 14-30 days, 65-85F. Well-drained soil.

  • Verbascum Mix

    Verbascum Mix

  • Verbascum phoeniceum hybrids

    Verbascum phoeniceum hybrids

    Slender spikes of various shades. Grows freely from seed and is always much admired. Z4-8. 2-3ft. Germination: 14-30 days, 65-85F. Well-drained soil.

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    Verbascum Phoeniceum Mixture

    Striking vertical plant with spiky flowers is just right for the back of the border, cutting garden or informal rockery. This traditional favourite is extra easy to grow and has a long bloom time. Drought, deer and slug proof! 4-8 #1 Plants 24-30" Full Sun Early Summer to Early Fall If our spring shipping season is closed, your order will be shipped the following spring.

  • Verbascum Southern Charm Hybrid

    Verbascum Southern Charm Hybrid

    Forget everything you know about Verbascum -- Southern Charm is so different from the common Mullein that it might as well be a new species! This magnificent perennial blooms the very first year from seed, setting flowers both in spring and fall. Its blend of colors, superb bloom power, and refusal to self-sow or look "weedy" make it one of the most striking plants in the sunny garden -- yet it remains easy to grow and trouble-free!First, let's talk about the flowers. They arise in pairs, each bloom about 1½ inches across, on long, strong flowerstalks a full 2 to…