• Akatsuki Dogwood

    Akatsuki Dogwood

    This new Dogwood has an everchanging pallet of colors drawing attention from neighbors. The variegated foliage in spring is bright green and white with flushed pink. In late spring to early summer, large masses of single white blooms streaked with rosy pink cover the tree and turn red as the blooms age. These flowers, combined with the foliage, provide a breathtaking picture which is truly a sight to behold. As autumn starts to take hold, the foliage begins to turn shades of purple and red. It grows 8-10' tall with a similar spread. 2-3' bareroot trees. Cornus kousa ‘Aka Tsuki’…

  • Appalachian Spring Cornus florida Dogwood Tree

    Appalachian Spring Cornus florida Dogwood Tree

    In the late 1980s and early 1990s, anthracnose devastated the populations of our native Dogwoods. One particularly sad infestation was on Catoctin Mountain, Maryland, where the entire population was affected . . . except for one tree. That tree became, under the University of Tennessee's Dogwood Breeding Program, 'Appalachian Spring.'In addition to being 100% resistant to anthracnose, this white-flowered variety is very vigorous and quick growing, reaching its mature size of about 20 feet high and wide sooner than expected. Its foliage, unusually large for the species, turns from apple-green to intense crimson in autumn, and large red fruits follow…

  • Cherokee Brave Cornus Dogwood Tree

    Cherokee Brave Cornus Dogwood Tree

    Even before the tree leafs out in spring, giant deep pinkblooms starred with a white eye cover its branches,followed by bright red fruit and, in autumn, maroonfoliage. Beloved by birds, this small tree is at the heartof many a fine garden.

  • Cornus canadensis Dogwood Plant

    Cornus canadensis Dogwood Plant

    Cornus canadensis - Bunchberry -- is a striking groundcover Dogwood with showy, white flowers arising above umbrella-shaped foliage! The whorled, dark green leaves spread over time into a large, glossy mat, forming the perfect carpet for the shade!Blooms arise in late spring and early summer, followed in late summer by bright scarlet berries; in fall the leaves blush crimson and deep red. So colorful over several seasons, yet so easy to grow! This is an ideal groundcover for cool climates, and is hardy all the way through zone 2 in the north!Plant in shade and in well-drained, moist and acidic…

  • Dogwood Golden Shadows

    Dogwood Golden Shadows

    Plant Patent #11,287. Cultivar name: 'W. Stackman'The most marvelously variegated Pagoda Dogwood of all, this very compact cultivar offers foliage of brightest yellow-gold, marked only slightly with dark green at the center of each leaf. A spectacular show in spring, when the leaves first unfurl, the tree stays fresh with the addition of fragrant white blooms in early summer and masses of blue-black berries in autumn, attracting songbirds to its branches. Truly a multi-season tree not to be missed!The branches on Golden Shadows

  • Empress of China™ Cornus angustata Dogwood Tree

    Empress of China™ Cornus angustata Dogwood Tree

    Plant Patent #14,537. Cultivar name: 'Elsbry'. At last, an evergreen Chinese Dogwood with very heavy flowering and a vigorous growth habit! A magnificent tree with up to 150 white blooms on a single branch -- plus gorgeous translucent strawberry-like fruit! -- Empress of China™ will reign in your partly shaded garden not only during its early summer bloomtime, but year-round!Empress of China™ has stood the test of time while other evergreen Dogwoods have come and gone. Selected by noted plantsman John Elsley, this tree has proven to be exceptional for bloom and fruit strength as well as for garden vigor.…

  • Heart Throb Cornus Chinese Dogwood Tree

    Heart Throb Cornus Chinese Dogwood Tree

    Has a tree ever been more appropriately named than charming 'Heart Throb'? This delightful Chinese Dogwood offers year-round beauty, as all dogwoods do, but everything about its appearance is just one degree more beautiful than most others. The blooms are a richer shade of rosy-pink, the fall color more intense, the berries far more profuse -- well, you get the idea!Late spring brings the first blooms (actually the showy part is the bracts) to this well-branched, slow-growing little tree. Most dogwoods bloom for several weeks, but the rosy-pink bracts on 'Heart Throb' persist for up to 2 months -- more…

  • Milky Way Cornus kousa var. chinensis Dogwood Tree

    Milky Way Cornus kousa var. chinensis Dogwood Tree

    There may not really be as many blooms on this tree as there are stars in the 'Milky Way', but it would be close! Very abundantly blooming over a long late spring and early summer season, this hard-to-find Chinese Dogwood is a treasure deserving of the best site in your landscape. Every season brings fresh beauty from this tree, and you will never tire of admiring its virtues.The flowers are creamy-white and simply everywhere, appearing to weigh down the slightly downturned branches. They are followed by masses of red berries that birds find irresistible, persisting from late summer through autumn,…

  • Summer Gold Cornus kousa Dogwood Tree

    Summer Gold Cornus kousa Dogwood Tree

    Plant Patent Applied ForWthout a doubt the most colorfully variegated Chinese Dogwood yet, 'Summer Gold' delights with golden-edged leaves in spring, flashes of pink on summer foliage, and autumn leaves of brilliant red! Add to this its creamy-white blooms, upright habit, and compact stature, and you have an exceptionally lovely all-season tree.In spring the new mid-green foliage unfurls with broad golden edges. Unlike many C. kousa cultivars, the leaves are not crinkled -- only pleasingly rippled, adding texture to the display. In mid-spring (in most climates), the beautiful foliage is complemented by masses of creamy-white blooms, which remain for weeks.The…