• Apple Carolina Red

    Apple Carolina Red

    Highly productive and boasting simply delicious fruit, Carolina Red is the pride of the South! This heirloom apple originated more than 200 years ago in Tennessee, and is known for bearing not one but two crops of toothsome fruit every year!Carolina Red (also known as Georgia June, Red Harvest, and Blush June, among other names) is a small tree just 8 to 12 feet high and wide with a big crop of small to medium-sized round apples in early to midsummer. With speckled red skin and crisp white flesh often tinged with red, this fruit is delicious, both for fresh…

  • Apple Grimes Golden

    Apple Grimes Golden

    It is our pleasure to make available, in very limited quantities, this heirloom American apple. Before there was Golden Delicious, there was Grimes Golden, and we know you'll agree with a single bite that it is superior in flavor! Developed in the 19th century and an apple-lover's favorite ever since, it's a spicy-sweet variety you've simply got to grow!These apples are small to medium, with slight russeting (the rough texture present on the skin of some apples), a tall, slightly ribbed shape, lots of speckles, yellow flesh, and a heavenly aroma that will lure you to the tree before you…

  • Apple Roxbury Russet

    Apple Roxbury Russet

    We are so very honored to be able to offer this heritage apple this season! Supplies are very limited, but we do have stock of the genuine "Roz," America's oldest apple, and we urge you to order it TODAY to avoid disappointment. Just read about the history of this exciting apple:Roxbury Russet is, as far as historians can determine, the first apple bred in North America. It originated with the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 17th century, and quickly became known as "the Roz." (Other monikers include Howe's Russet, Leathercoat, and Reinette Rousse de Boston!) It remained popular throughout the…

  • Columnar Apple Collection

    Columnar Apple Collection

    Bring the apple orchard to your fingertips with this handsome pair of fruiting columnar apples. Compact enough for containers, they flower and fruit even more heavily when grown within a few yards of one another. And the harvest is simply delicious! Both are bareroot trees.

  • Red Colonnade Apple

    Red Colonnade Apple

    You don’t have to live in the country to grow apple trees! These special trees have a unique upright-growing habit, only 8' tall and 2' wide, but produce full-size fruit. Delicious, round red apples are ready for picking in early fall. Prune in winter months to maintain desired size and shape. Suitable for growing in pots 17" or larger. 24" bareroot trees. Zones 4-8 Malus

  • Sundance™ Apple

    Sundance™ Apple

    The flesh of these beautiful yellow fruits blushed with red is refreshingly sweet, with hints of citrus. Incredibly crisp, it has a texture that will literally pop in your mouth when eaten fresh or baked into pies and other baked delights. Fruits mature in early to mid fall, but will hang an additional month on the tree without losing any of their quality. Resistant to scab and cedar apple rust. Grows 20-25' tall. 2-4' bareroot. Zones 5-8 Malus ‘Co-op 29’ PP13819