Okra Seeds

Looking for conventional or organic Okra seeds? We've got them here!

  • Annie Oakley II Hybrid Okra

    Annie Oakley II Hybrid Okra

    Bears a generous crop of spineless, slightly ribbed green pods. Flavorful, stays tender well past prime. 50 DAYS. If the current shipping season is closed, your order will ship at the proper time in the next season.

    Meaty pods are big, spineless and plentiful, with exceptional,full-bodied flavor. . $5.99

  • Bowling Red Okra

    Bowling Red Okra

    Lovely plants that grow 7-8 feet tall and have deep red stems; the great tasting pods are long and thin, being quite tender, even when longer than most. This heirloom has been grown by the Bowling family of Virginia since the 1920's.

  • Burgundy Okra

    Burgundy Okra

    55 days. Pods and stems are a beautiful, deep-red. Very tender and delicious. Highly ornamental and tasty!

  • Burmese Okra

    Burmese Okra

    We are proud to offer this heirloom variety from Burma (Myanmar). Large pods are tender, spineless, and finely flavored. The plants start yielding early and production lasts until frost.

  • Cajun Jewel

    Cajun Jewel

    Dwarf 3'-4' tall plants produce high, early yields of slender pods. Can be picked up to 7 inches long. This variety can be planted at 3' row spacing so production per square foot is higher than most okras. Good flavor and texture. Three years of selection at Living Energy Farm in Louisa, Virginia. A good short-season okra for northern areas. Variety introduced by Southern Exposure Seed Exchange in 1989. 53 days. livingenergyfarm.org commonwealthseeds.com

  • Clemson Spineless 80 Okra

    Clemson Spineless 80 Okra

    Full-flavored, premium-quality tapered emerald pods. 56 DAYS. If the current shipping season is closed, your order will ship at the proper time in the next season.

    Bushels of semi-spined, grooveless pods 7-9 in. long from vigorous 4-ft. plants. $2.49

  • Clemson Spineless Okra

    Clemson Spineless Okra

    60 days. Plant is spineless; tasty green pods are best picked small.

  • Eagle Pass Okra

    Eagle Pass Okra

    From the area around Carrizo Springs and Eagle Pass, Texas. Productive plants are a favorite of the local farmer who grows this variety. A great okra that is less slimy than others; big pods are tender and delicious.

  • Edna Slaton's Candelabra Okra

    Edna Slaton's Candelabra Okra

    Graceful, branching plants, reaching shoulder height, give great yields of 12-inch cowhorn-type pods, which remain tender even after reaching a large size! The prickly pods are a pretty, pale green. Performed well in the hot and dry conditions of summer 2011, when others failed. Originated in Georgia.

  • Emerald Okra

    Emerald Okra

    58 days. A Campbell Soup Co. variety from 1950; early, round, smooth, deep-green tasty pods; high quality and early, tall plants.

  • Fife Creek Cowhorn Okra

    Fife Creek Cowhorn Okra

    An heirloom that has been in the Fife family since around 1900 and believed to have came to them from a Creek Indian woman who stayed with them for one year in Jackson, Mississippi. Large, long pods stay tender longer than most; huge plants are very productive.

  • Gold Coast Okra

    Gold Coast Okra

    Spineless pods are light green and often reach 6" in length while remaining tender. Compact plants to about 5 feet tall are very well branched, producing plenty of sweet, tender pods. A bit later than some types; very drought tolerant. Throw in resistance to root-knot nematode and you've got a great variety for the Deep South. Recommended!

  • Grandfather Kurtz Cowhorn Okra

    Grandfather Kurtz Cowhorn Okra

    We received our foundation seed for this Kansas heirloom from a customer, Delbert Fleming. He’s been growing the variety since 1973, when he was given a start by a co-worker, who in turn received the seed from his Grandfather Kurtz. Compact plants usually grow to only chest height. Pick the pods at 6-8 inches, when they will still be nice and tender. Productive. Contains 30-75 heirloom seeds

  • Harlow's Homestead Okra

    Harlow's Homestead Okra

    Our grower received this okra from a man named Mercer, who had received it from his grandfather in the late 1960's. This okra is said to be passed down from some of the original Tennessee homesteaders and grown for generations. Pick at finger-length for superb pickles, or slice the ribbed pods and fry. Plants grow to 6-7 feet tall and are drought tolerant.

  • Hill Country Heirloom Red Okra

    Hill Country Heirloom Red Okra

    One of the best varieties we offer. The large, fat pods are very tender and full of good "Okree" flavor that is so popular in the hill regions of the south. The pods are reddish-green in color and the plants have red stems. Very productive and high quality. This beautiful variety is very rare.

  • Jambalaya (F1)

    Jambalaya (F1)

    Very uniform pods with 5 points. Large, robust flowers are also edible, and may be stuffed or used as a garnish. Makes a great ornamental in containers. Avg. 9,700 seeds/lb. Packet: 50 seeds.

  • Jimmy T Okra

    Jimmy T Okra

    The plants are of medium height, having pods 8-12 inches long, and two types of pods occur: one smooth and the other ribbed. Very productive. It was grown by Jimmy T Morris in the 1940's and 1950's in the Elizabeth-town and Hodgensville, KY area.

  • Jing Orange Okra

    Jing Orange Okra

    60 days Lovely pods are a deep reddish orange and are quite colorful. This Asian variety produces lots of flavorful 6" pods early, even in dry conditions. An exciting new variety that is unique and beautiful.

  • Louisiana 16 Inch Long Pod Okra

    Louisiana 16 Inch Long Pod Okra

    Large, branching plants produce huge yields of truly giant pods, up to 16 inches long! This heirloom comes from Evangeline Parish, where it has been grown for a very long time. Sent to us by Cajun and Creole seed collector Kurt Bridges, who says the plants often get “big like a ἀr tree” in Louisiana. Pods stay tender for longer than most, but should still be picked young. We loved this variety!

  • Milsap White Okra

    Milsap White Okra

    Seed for this variety was sent to us by Will Sawyer, who received the seed from a lady in Copperhill, Tennessee, who had been growing this long-time favorite of her late mother. Pale green pods are quite tasty, and smallish plants are very productive. A great Tennessee heirloom.

  • Okra Annie Oakley II Hybrid

    Okra Annie Oakley II Hybrid

    48 days. This compact hybrid is a sharpshooter when it comes to bringing in huge yields in little space and less time! Annie Oakley II is a classic hybrid, delivering an astounding 2 to 3 times the yields of open-pollinated varieties -- and all on compact plants ideal for today's smaller gardens! A week or two before most others, these rich, very tender green pods are ready for picking!Best of all, Annie Oakley II demolishes the myth that okra is an exclusively southern, hot-weather crop. It's well-adapted for the cooler climates and shorter growing seasons of the north, turning out…

  • Okra Clemson Spineless 80

    Okra Clemson Spineless 80

    56 days. Everyone loves Clemson Spineless 80, as much for its no-pain harvest as for its extra-long, very meaty pods of dark green. The grooved, straight pods reach 7 to 9 inches long, with a full-bodied flavor okra lovers find utterly delectable. Make a convert in your family with this crowd-pleaser!Winner of an AAS award, Clemson Spineless 80 is very heavy producing and easy to grow.Okra is a warm-weather crop, needing both the soil and the nights to be warm before beginning its vigorous growth. Plants begin bearing when about a foot tall, and will continue until frost if kept…

  • Okra Green Fingers

    Okra Green Fingers

    50-55 days. Ready to set fruit when it's just 15 inches high, this heavy-bearing Okra offers masses of tender, spineless 3- to 4-inch pods facing up on compact plants. Best in the heat of summer, it tolerates everything from drought to heavy clay soil. PKt is 30 seeds.

  • Okra Lee

    Okra Lee

    50 days. A Park Space-Saver, Lee is the most compact okra we've ever grown in trials. The unusual growth habit holds the pods out at an angle from the plant instead of nearly straight up. Not only does this make harvest easier, but it enables shorter spaces between each pod, for heavier yields in less space than ever!These pods are some of the finest you will ever eat, with a full, rich flavor okra lovers will relish. The pods reach 6 to 7 inches long on spineless, open-habit plants 3 feet tall. A great choice for limited-space gardens, Lee uses…

  • Okra Red Burgundy

    Okra Red Burgundy

    Striking burgundy red stems, branches and leaf midribs with a crop of delicious, 6-8in long tender red pods which turn a deeper green color when cooked. Bushy plants will reach 4ft tall, looking spectacular graced by beautiful hibiscus flowers. 85 days.

  • Okra Red Spray

    Okra Red Spray

    55 days. Okra has never been known for its plate appeal, but Red Spray's out to change that! These tender, delectable pods are a deep shade of wine-red, turning dark purple with cooking. They arise on red-stemmed plants in great numbers, and can be picked young or allowed to mature up to 5 ½ inches long. Compact plants begin bearing early, with great disease resistance all season long.Okra is a warm-weather crop, needing both the soil and the nights to be warm before beginning its vigorous growth. Plants begin bearing when about a foot tall, and will continue until frost…

  • Okra Silver Queen

    Okra Silver Queen

    One of the most interesting varieties in SSE’s okra collection. Ivory-green pods grow to 7" long on vigorous 6' tall plants. Tender when young, delicious flavor. Great producer at Heritage Farm. 80 days. Sow seeds outdoors when the soil has warmed. Tolerant of heat and drought, but not of cold. Keep well picked for higher yields.

    80 days from direct-sowing. We am delighted to be able to offer this very hard-to-find, choice heirloom Okra to Park gardeners! From the elegant lime-tinted ivory pods to the succulent flavor, this is an Okra so much better than our modern varieties that it's in a gourmet class by itself!Each pod can reach up to 7 inches long, though it is best to pick them young, when they are somewhat smaller and very tender. The "iceberg" color adds a stylish look to the plate, too!Silver Queen's flavor is legendary, but its plant vigor and productivity make it more like a…

  • Okra, Cajun Jewel

    Okra, Cajun Jewel

    Latin name: Abelmoschus esculentus GB Cultural info: HW,WW/ Matures 7-8/ Harvest 13/ Yield 30-120/ Spacing 12 / Area 60 Days to Maturity: 49-60 Seed code: C Seeds per pkt: 40 Description: Willits is not good okra country; nights are cool here at 1400ft. Cajun Jewel didn’t seem to care. The short plants produced dozens of tender 5”-6” pods, with outstanding flavor. Already a favorite in the South, we suggest trying this jewel in the North too. See our website for recipes. C $2.50

  • Okra, Clemson Spineless

    Okra, Clemson Spineless

    Latin name: Abelmoschus esculentus GB Cultural info: HW,WW/ Matures 7-8/ Harvest 13/ Yield 30-120/ Spacing 12 / Days to Maturity: 50-64 Seed code: C Seeds per pkt: 100 Description: AAS 1939. Most popular okra. 3-5 foot mildly bushy stalks bearing quality, straight spineless 6-9” pods with a 2”diameter. Rich green color. Prolific producer.

  • Image not yet available

    Okra, Hill Country Red

    South Texas heirloom. Beautiful 6' tall red-stemmed plants produce wide green pods tinged with red. Full of the good okra flavor popular in the hill regions of the south. Excellent pickling variety. 60-70 days. Sow seeds outdoors when the soil has warmed. Tolerant of heat and drought, but not of cold. Keep well picked for higher yields.

  • Organic Okra Clemson Spineless 80

    Organic Okra Clemson Spineless 80

    56 days. Everyone loves Clemson Spineless, as much for its no-pain harvest as for its extra-long, very meaty pods of dark green. Well, now there's a greatly improved Clemson Spineless, with earlier and much heavier yields!These bright green, grooved, straight pods have a full-bodied flavor Okra lovers find utterly delectable. Make a convert in your family with this crowd-pleaser, grown from Certified Organic seed!Harvest the pods at about 3 to 4 inches long for best flavor. (They will reach 9 inches or so, but tend to be tough if left too long.) Keep the plant picked almost daily during the…

  • Perkin's Long Pod Okra

    Perkin's Long Pod Okra

    Very green, extra large pods are tender and delicious, the perfect okra for canning and gumbo. Vigorous and productive plants are 5 feet in height; an old favorite.

  • Philippine Lady Finger Okra

    Philippine Lady Finger Okra

    Tall plants can grow 10 feet tall and produce extra-long, smooth, round pods that can be cooked at larger sizes than most okra. This okra requires a long season, but is quite delicious. This Fillipino variety was brought to the USA by Melba Hamilton, and she and her husband kindly sent us these seeds. Photo provided by Erwin Antonio

  • Red Burgundy Okra

    Red Burgundy Okra

    75–80 days. In our trials, this was the most productive red okra we grew. Even in our less-than-ideal okra growing conditions, Red Burgundy produced several tender, 5-7 inch red pods. The plants were quite attractive too, with green leaves that contrast beautifully with the burgundy colored stems and midribs. Plants grow 3-4 feet tall.

  • Roberie Okra

    Roberie Okra

    This okra has been grown for 100 years by the Roberie family in St Landry Parish, Louisiana. A good producer of medium-sized green pods that are produced over a long season.

  • Star of David Okra

    Star of David Okra

    70 days. Israeli variety. Short, very thick pods are quite delicious. The pods are twice as fat around as most okra.

  • Star Of David Okra Organic

    Star Of David Okra Organic

    75-80 days. This heirloom variety has extra plump, green pods with the distinctive, tasty okra flavor. Cut one in half and its fascinating cross section reveals a geometric, six-pointed Star of David. Harvest at 5-6 inches long (or smaller), and expect bountiful harvests from the productive plants when kept picked.

  • Stelley Okra

    Stelley Okra

    Louisiana variety originally collected in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, at the heart of Cajun heritage and culture, where it was found growing near an old, abandoned homestead nearly 50 years ago. The plants are fairly compact, reaching 5-6 feet in height, and are super productive! The pods stay tender to 6"-7" in length. Original seed was furnished by our friend, collector Kurt Bridges.

  • Stewart's Zeebest Okra

    Stewart's Zeebest Okra

    This spineless okra produces extra tender, green pods that are round and not ribbed; tasty. Tall, branching plants set heavy yields of this great Louisiana heirloom.

  • Vidrines Midget Cowhorn Okra

    Vidrines Midget Cowhorn Okra

    A dwarf cowhorn okra from St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. The 3-foot plants are quite good producers of long "white" pods up to 15 inches long, which are actually a creamy, pale green. A fine okra for frying and gumbo. This old variety is from Mr. Vidrine, Lawtelle, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, and is very popular there. Sent to us by Louisiana seed collector Kurt Bridges.