• Marzatica Broccoli

    Marzatica Broccoli

    (OP) Ruvo Group 120 days. Of all the broccoli raab we looked at in our winter trials, Marzatica performed best later in the season, providing ample harvests of robust florets at a time of year when other raab had fizzled out. The flavor is reminiscent of standard broccoli with a touch of mustardy spice. Excellent steamed or stir-fried.

  • Organic Broccoli Raab

    Organic Broccoli Raab

    45 days. The gourmet treat that's both nutritious and delicious, Broccoli Raab (also called Rapa, Rabe, or Rapini) is now available in Certified Organic seed form! You will love growing this easy and quick crop, which sets abundant crisp, bright green, upright leaves to be harvested just before their florets open.Broccoli Raab isn't actually related to broccoli (it's in the Turnip family), but the florets it sets will remind you of broccoli, which is how it comes by its common name. Rich in Vitamins A, C, and K, they are also loaded with potassium, calcium, and iron. The flavor is…

  • Rapini Broccoli

    Rapini Broccoli

    (B. rapa) An Italian non-heading broccoli grown for flavorful, asparagus-like spring shoots and leaves. Great to cook or in salads.

  • Sorrento Broccoli Raab

    Sorrento Broccoli Raab

    Brassica rapa, Ruvo Group 40 days. This is the quickest broccoli raab to mature. Sorrento has some of the largest, most uniform dark green florets in the early category, averaging 3-4 inches across. It grows upright to 30 inches. A choice pick for the early gardener and specialty market grower. Harvest the tender leaves, stems, and unopened flower buds; it has a hearty yet mild broccoli flavor.