• Crimson Red Rhubarb Root

    Crimson Red Rhubarb Root

    Crimson Red has excellent, if not the best rhubarb flavor. It has the perfect balance of sweet and tart. The large, fleshy stalks are tender and never stringy. Each plant produces heavy yields of 24 inch plump, red stalks. Very winter hardy and productive for many years. We ship rhubarb plants mid to late-March. They need to be planted upon arrival. Not available to Canada and US Territories.

  • Glaskins Perpetual Rhubarb

    Glaskins Perpetual Rhubarb

    A wonderful English heirloom that produces stems that are greenish-red and can be harvested in its first year. Great for pie and other desserts. This variety has extra fine flavor and is bitter-free.

    This one has been a favorite in American gardens for generations. A great tart cooking rhubarb, the greenish 12-14 inch stalks never get bitter. Reputed to have the lowest concentration of oxalic acid. Plants grow to 24 inches tall and are quick to mature. Try combining with strawberries in a dessert souffle.

  • MacDonald Rhubarb

    MacDonald Rhubarb

    Sweet and juicy variety performs best in zones 4-8. Produces higher yields than many others. Tender, fine-grained stems are ideal for stewing and freezing.

  • Rhubarb Chipman's Canada Red

    Rhubarb Chipman's Canada Red

    Tall, plump, brilliantly red and rich in both color and flavor! Bake, boil, or simmer; they are quite versatile. Excellent yields leave plenty for processing. Z3-8.

  • Rhubarb, Victoria

    Rhubarb, Victoria

    Latin name: Capsicum annuum GB Cultural info: C/Matures 3 yrs/Harvest 4-8/Yield 70-280/Spacing 24” / Days to Maturity: 120 Seed code: C Seeds per pkt: 35 Description: A low-maintnence perennial with delicious tart stalks for pies and jams. (Try rhubarb-ginger jam, an old English combination.) Start in pots or flats then into a deep permanent bed. Get an early start and keep it growing with moisture and rich, well-drained soil. Deep-rooted, heavy feeder. Start light harvesting second year. Bigger, better flavored stalks if grown in light shade--north side of house or shed, under fruit trees at the edge of woods. treasured…

  • Victoria


    Victoria is well-adapted to most regions and is widely grown commercially. The large, tender, rosy-red stalks gradually turn to pink and then solid green towards the tip. Sweeter and milder than other varieties. Grows best in Zones 2-8. Avg. 31,300 seeds/lb. Packet: 100 seeds.

  • Victoria Rhubarb

    Victoria Rhubarb

    (Perennial) This variety was offered in 1856. Thick stalks are popular for making delicious pies, cobblers and preserves. This variety can be harvested starting as soon as the second season. Rhubarb is very popular in Canada and the northern U.S. Do not eat the leaves as they contain poisonous oxalic acid.