• American Purple Top

    American Purple Top

    (B. napus) Very tasty, mild and sweet; great cooked or raw; bright yellow flesh is top quality. A pre-1920 heirloom; a great fall vegetable.

  • Champion A Collet Rouge Rutabaga

    Champion A Collet Rouge Rutabaga

    This variety is a true champion and has been popular in Europe since the 1850’s. Large roots are purplish-red on the top and yellow on the bottom half of the roots. Attractive, sweet and really finely flavored; delicious fried or roasted. Contains 400 heirloom seeds

  • Collet Vert Rutabaga

    Collet Vert Rutabaga

    Finely flavored old standard that has a bright green top and yellow bottom, making these roots unique and colorful. Popular in France since the 19th century, it still holds a place with many gourmets and gardeners who love its rich taste.

  • Helenor (OG)

    Helenor (OG)

    Nice round bulb shape with high-quality, light orange flesh and sweet flavor. Develops good color early in root development. Very uniform and high yielding. Stores well. Graded seed. Organically grown. Avg. 180,000 seeds/lb. Packet: 100 seeds.

  • Joan  Rutabaga Organic

    Joan Rutabaga Organic

    (OP) 90–100 days. What once was thought of as an obscure vegetable is now highly sought after in the culinary world; and for good reason! Joan is touted to be one of the sweetest and best textured rutabagas out there. Uniformly round, yellow-fleshed roots have purple tops and exhibit good resistance to club root. Flavor really sweetens up after a light frost. We really love them mashed with potatoes and buttermilk, or added to a warming winter soup with carrots and parsnips.

  • Laurentian Rutabaga

    Laurentian Rutabaga

    An improved "Purple Top" rutabaga; delicious yellow roots are great fried or baked--sweet and so tasty. Very uniform and makes a good market type.

    Round, 4- to 6-in. roots are mild, sweet and firm. Deep purple color on top, creamy yellow on the bottom. An excellent keeper. 100 DAYS. If the current shipping season is closed, your order will ship at the proper time in the next season.

    Large, 4-in to 6-in. round roots are creamy yellow on the bottom and dark purple at the top. Once peeled, they have a mild flavor and firm texture. $3.99 $3.99

  • Marian Rutabaga

    Marian Rutabaga

    85-95 days. The yellow-fleshed, purple-topped roots can grow as large as 8 inches, are fine flavored, and good keepers. Marian is club root resistant, highly uniform, and vigorous. Its short, wide leaves allow closer spacing. For a colorful medley at your dinner table, combine bite-sized pieces of rutabaga, turnip, beet, carrot, potato, onion, and bulb fennel in a single layer in a casserole dish. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and bake until done.

  • Rutabaga, American Purple Top

    Rutabaga, American Purple Top

    Latin name: Brass. oleracea var napobrassica GB Cultural info: CW,WW / Matures 13 / Harvest 2-8 / Yield 200-800 Spacing 6 / Area 10 Seed code: E Seeds per pkt: 70 Description: American Purple Top. Rutabagas are a useful root vegetable, often overlooked. They are easily grown, will stand in the ground a long time, even over winter. Delicious mashed, baked or in stews. Best on moist rich soils and may grow woody if the soil is too dry. Photo courtesy of: CANNUNDRUMS-Blog-cannundrum.blogspot.com

  • Rutabaga, Brora

    Rutabaga, Brora

    SECTION: Vegetable Seeds, Rutabaga, Brass. oleracea var napobrassica High yields of good quality roots. Attractive reddish-purple shiny skin and cream base. Specially bred to have a delicious very sweet taste. Outstanding winter hardiness and mildew resistance. Very good keeper. Great for raw munching, mashed, in soups, or grated into slaw or salad. One packet will plant 10 sq ft when using 6" spacing in the bed. (Select Cultural Info/Seed Codes in red top bar for more details about codes below) EA CULTURE: C,W/Matures 13/Harvest 2-8/Yield 200-800/Spacing 6" DAYS TO MAT: 95 SEEDS PER PACKET: 70 SOURCE CODE: E PACKET LABEL…

  • Swede/Rutabaga Virtue

    Swede/Rutabaga Virtue

    A culinary swede with attractive red skin and fine-grained, sweet yellow flesh. Much improved in root quality and taste than older varieties. Fully winter hardy. 130 days.

  • Wilhelmsburg


    (German Green Top) Historic old rutabaga variety that has been the preferred market type in Northern Europe for many years. Roots are large and white-skinned, with the top of the root being an unusual green. The crisp golden flesh is fine-textured, free of bitterness or coarse fiber. Ours is a selection of Wilhelmsburger Hartmann, from 1935, and was originally bred in Germany.