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  • Lisianthus 'Cinderella Pink'

    Posted by Patti Tucker

You’re in for a real treat with this lovely Hibiscus variety. It produces an abundance of lilac-pink double blooms that provide soft color all the way through summer and into fall. Trained as a standard, its spherical form reaches a petite 4' tall, making it the perfect choice for sunny corners. Maintains shape with minimal pruning. 3' bareroot shrub. Zones 5-8 Hibiscus syriacus ‘Ardens’ Height: 4' Zones: 5-8 Bloom Time: Summer to Fall Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Variety description courtesy of Spring Hill Nursery

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    I bought 4 of these 2 are in full bloom 2 have lots of buds but are not blooming .it is now the middle of August ..what can I do to make them bloom ..answer would be appreciated

    Posted by Roxy15 on 08/10/2017

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    What would approximately be the diameter of the tree?

    Posted by Rose Eby on 04/21/2017

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    june 11 in wi. not budding out yet. is this common

    Posted by carp on 06/11/2016

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    It's the middle of September here in Michigan and mine is just now full of buds but are not opening. AND they have ants all over the buds. What's going on??

    Posted by gardner on 09/24/2015

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    • Sounds like it may have aphids. These are very tiny, sucking insects. Usually pale green in color, and usually found on the underside of leaves and at the base of buds. They secrete a substance known as honeydew, which attracts ants. They are easily removed with Safer soap, found at most garden centers, or a spray bottle of water with a small amount of Murphy's oil soap. A good blast of water from the quite well also. Best to periodically check plants in early spring ad fall when they are most prevalent.

      Posted by Progrower on 01/05/2016

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    Where can I buy this plant that is shown in display?

    Posted by joejoe on 08/01/2015

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    why is only the top of the plant blooming this year and not the middle or bottom. the tree just started about a week ago

    Posted by rosie on 07/14/2015

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    Is this a perennial that will come back again without bringing indoors during the winter?

    Posted by dennah on 03/17/2015

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    Will the hardy hibiscus survive in the southwest with our extreme heat thank you for your time

    Posted by Novice on 11/05/2014

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    Is this standard a grafted plant, grown from seed or cutting.

    Posted by Karen on 03/09/2013

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    • It is grafted onto a 'fibrous' root stock. Hope this helps :)

      Posted by Luke on 03/12/2013

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