DAYS TO MAT: 75" />

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  • Lisianthus 'Cinderella Pink'

    Posted by Patti Tucker

Days to Maturity: 75 days

GB Cultural info: ALL/Matures 9-11/Harvest 4+/Yield 100-400+/Spacing 3" or broadcast/ DAYS TO MAT: 75 days SEEDS PER PACKET: 150 SOURCE CODE: C APPROX GERM DAYS: 6-21 PLANTING DEPTH: 1/4-1/2" WHEN TO PLANT: Early Spring, Summer and Fall PACKET LABEL INSTRUCTIONS: Sow seed 3" apart or broadcast carefully in deep, well prepared bed for long, well shaped roots. Avoid excess nitrogen which causes hairy, forked roots. Cover the seed lightly with soil. Do not allow the soil to dry out or crust (in soils that crust easily - try incorporating sand in the garden bed); it may help to put shade cloth or burlap over the bed, checking daily until seedlings come up and then removing it. Thin when tops are 2" high if necessary, or if roots are crowded. Germination can be slow; presoaking in warm water can help.
Description: Purple on the outside and orange/yellow on the inside. Beautiful in salads! Has a spicy flavor. Seed grown by Tim Peters and we only have a little.
Variety description courtesy of Bountiful Gardens

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