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  • Lisianthus 'Cinderella Pink'

    Posted by Patti Tucker on 01/12

Be one of the few to grow this exquisite new hybrid tea! This Jackson & Perkins introduction is in very limited supply, so order today to reserve yours.What an apt name for this sweet new rose! Each clean white bloom has just the slightest flush of pink at the center, bringing to mind a fluffy summer cloud being painted with the first color of the setting sun. The 4- to 5-inch flowers have a lovely open shape, each bright petal displaying itself proudly against the backdrop of healthy, dark green foliage.And 'Clouds of Glory' is as deliciously scented as it is beautiful, perfuming the garden or your home with a strong Old rose fragrance that you'll notice long before you reach the shrub. The flowers start arriving in early summer and don't stop until late fall. If you only plant one new rose this fall, make it 'Clouds of Glory'! Zones 5-10.100

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    I'm writing in October 2014. Does anyone know where I could get a Clouds of Clory White Hybrid? I've looked everywhere. While I'm at it, does anywone know where I could get an All That Jazz floribunda?

    Posted by Carol SB on 10/17/2014

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