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  • Lisianthus 'Cinderella Pink'

    Posted by Patti Tucker

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(Dianthus chinensis) Cheerful single blooms in many different shades from white to pale pink to carmine red. Blooms are steadily produced until frost. Contains 100 heirloom seeds
Variety description courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

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    Posted by MAZ on 09/29/2013

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    • Persian Carpet is a dwarf mixture of dianthus bearing masses of flowers in shades of salmon, scarlet, white and pink. There are four dianthus species commonly available to gardeners, Dianthus Chinensis the one that Persian Carpet comes from and the common name for this species of dianthus is China pinks, named for its country of origin and its characteristic serrated petal edges. Varieties such as "Persian carpet" and "China Doll" grow 6 to 10 inches in height and bloom all summer long. Flowers are usually single-petaled and do not produce the spicy fragrance of other dianthus species. "Persian Carpet" and "Pastel Bedder" need little maintenance and do not require deadheading for continuous bloom.

      Posted by cramsey1 on 10/30/2013

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