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  • Lisianthus 'Cinderella Pink'

    Posted by Patti Tucker

Days to Maturity: 52 days

52 days. One bite of this gourmet French climbing bean and your mind will be made up: Algarve must become a permanent part of your veggie patch and 3 Sisters planting! The flavor is fabulous, the yields huge, and the harvests earlier than most others. To top it off, this bean is very resistant to Common Bean Mosaic Virus. What more could we ask?Algarve is a vigorous, very robust vine, reaching 6 to 7 feet long over the course of the season. It sets plentiful white blooms in spring, followed by masses of very uniform, flattish mid-green pods that reach up to 10 inches long and about an inch wide. Completely stringless, they are smooth and attractive, looking as good as they taste.Algarve is such an all-around superior performer that the Royal Horticulture Society granted it the coveted Award of Garden Merit. You will be delighted with its behavior in your garden. Keep the beans picked promptly for ever more pods!Growing Algarve is as easy as any other bean. When the soil warms in spring (and all danger of frost is past), place one bean in a small hole lightly covered with soil. Space the holes about 4 inches apart and the rows about 18 inches apart. As the vines grow, train them up aorYou'll be enjoying a bumper crop in no time! Pkt is 2 ounces, which is about 100 seeds.
Variety description courtesy of ParkSeed

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    I grow a bean from france that seems identical but has strings and purple blooms. Are they the same species?

    Posted by Richard Ganguet on 07/16/2016

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    are these beans good to can and freeze for winter time use

    Posted by jerry on 04/24/2016

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    Planting season?

    Posted by Mike Waite on 02/25/2016

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    can you let these dry and use them for soup?

    Posted by Sheila Ranta on 09/06/2014

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    Posted by FREDDIE on 04/17/2014

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    I have about fifty seeds left over from planting. Will they keep for next season?

    Posted by Jackie on 04/10/2014

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    • Yes, they will last several years if you keep them out of the heat and moisture.

      Posted by ronmar on 04/12/2014

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    what color are the seeds?

    Posted by nanabeans on 03/01/2014

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    • White-The best seed I have ever planted- 100% germination-have a trellis ready as they are quick to climb.

      Posted by Jackie on 04/10/2014

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  • A great buy indeed! Just plant the seeds and let them do their thing. They are my go to french climbing bean

    Posted by Alden Tarrow

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  • nice beans, could definitely be better. These guys just didn't grow as big or as bountiful as I would have liked. I don't know if it was because of the seed or the growing conditions

    Posted by Sherry Taylor

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  • They are climbers indeed! It was a joy to watch these beans climb and grow into the stringless beans that they are. I'll be buying them again

    Posted by Jared Alden

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