We love plants here at SeedRatings.

Our goals is to be THE resource on all cultivated plant varieties in the world. We want to have the best page for each variety on the internet. We want to be able to tell you the story of where this plant came from, who bred it, who cultivated it, and who has cherished it for generations. We want to connect you with the heritage of that plant and learn what it has meant to the people who have grown it for so many years. We want to give you the recipes of how to cook it, turn it into medicine, or make a beautiful bouquet for your dinner table.

Beyond connecting you with the story of each plant, we want to connect you with the current stewards of these plants so you know exactly where you can buy them.

In short, our goal is to teach you about all of the different plants you can propagate and connect you with the people you can buy the plants from.

Come join us to celebrate the wonderful diversity of plants that are available to us. This is a big project and we would love your help. If you have a love for plants, or a story of a variety, we would love for you to share it with us. Email us directly at: info@seedratings.com

Who We Are

Luke Callahan. Plant nerd and avid gardener.

Luke Callahan

The more I learn about plants the more I love them. I started out as a young boy who just wanted to tear the leaves off every green thing I passed on my way down the streets of suburbia. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve stopped plucking leaves and starting loving the different shapes, flowers, scents, and tastes of all the plants in the world. As I learn more about each variety and its meaning to the cultures that have propagated them for generations, my eyes have opened wide to the wonders of the plant world.

Digging deeper, I've been inspired by the works of plant breeder Luther Burbank and someday would love to lay claim to a propagated variety of fruit or nut tree that can transcend time like the Santa Rosa Plum, the Shasta Daisy, or even the Russet Potato.

Ryder Ross. Programming nerd and home gardener.

Ryder Ross

As I've gotten more into gardening, I've realized that we've lost an incredible amount of genetic diversity as seed companies consolidate and seed varieties die off. One of my big motivators is to help increase biodiversity by helping small scale seed farmers. We're celebrating the small scale seed growers on SeedRatings by giving you a chance and learn about them and their practices.